Celebrations Galore!
Back in those days… occasions were household ceremonies. People would gather in their houses for festivals or occasions, cook together, eat, sing, dance and make merry. For marriages too, people would depend on huge open spaces to organize the weddings. As the times changed, so did the way we celebrate our moments in life. Today, any occasion is looked at a stance to flaunt the riches. Weddings are such lavish affairs that people are ready to spend all that they earned in their lifetime. Rituals like Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, bharaath are all filled with pomp, carefully designed by the wedding planners, expensive photographers and the hue and cry about it on social media. Back then, photographs weren’t a really important thing. But today the entire event is run for photographs and the videos. With globalization, people started earning more and enough to spend for the luxuries… Wedding is a dream setting today. Right from the costumes, to designer wear clothes to entirely choreographed Sangeeths, weddings are extravagant affairs. Ofcourse each occasion would again call for a different location. Recent trend is that friends of the bride and the groom started organizing Bachelor parties which are again expensive affairs. Depending on the budget, either a banquet hall or a Pent house is booked. Friends plan surprises for the groom and brides.. entire event is careful recorded and edited to be added to the Wedding movie.
From the time Hyderabad became a epicenter of celebrations, there is no dearth for beautiful banquet halls with all amenities. Function halls for weddings and all other occasions are decorated and curated as per the clients demand. Surprisingly, there is one hall for every type of budget in Hyderabad. Banquet halls too come in all sizes and packages. Convenient facilities like food, wifi, swimming pool, club house etc are all available within some of the banquet halls around Hyderabad. Moments in life have become a matter of making memories not just to cherish ourselves but also to flaunt them to others. True to the saying “Living life king size”…celebrations in life are allowing one to be a king, atleast for a day or two.